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What is land transportation?

2022-01-10 13:38

Land transportation is a Chinese word. The pinyin is l ù y ù n, which means land transportation. From "Biography of Northern History Cui Ang".

It refers to transportation on land.

The Biography of Cui Ang in the Northern History: "It is normal to pay the difference between water and water transportation and land transportation. It is beneficial to people to pay the new and old method." Tang Shunzhi's "Tiaochen Water Transportation Matters" in the Ming Dynasty: "The cost of water transportation is reduced by five points compared with land transportation." [1]

In the Ming Dynasty, Yuan Keli, the right handyman and his wife in the military department of the Jin rank, said: "The land transportation and water transportation, the skin function of the distance control, and the camera system change, and the great trouble in the war will be eliminated."

Land port

The main provinces of China's domestic land transport ports include Xinjiang, Neimenkou, Tibet, Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Guangxi, Guangdong and other provinces. The following are the main land transport ports of each province.

Xinjiang's land transport ports include Hongqi Rapu, Turgat, Irkeshtan, Alashankou, Bakhtu, Jimunai, Khorgos, Ulastai, Takeshken, Hongshanzui, Laoyemiao;

Inner Mongolia land transport ports include Bayannur, Cek, Manzhouli and Erenhot;

Tibet's land transport ports include Zhangmu, Pulan, Jilong, Riwu and Yadong;

Yunnan land transport ports include Wanding, Ruili and Qingshuihe;

Heilongjiang land transport ports include Sunk, Fuyuan, Mishan, Mohe and Suifenhe;

Liaoning land transport port has Dandong;

Guangxi land transport ports include Friendship Pass, Pingxiang, Dongxing and Shuikou.

Guangdong land transport ports include Huanggang, Wenjindu, Luohu and Shatoujiao.

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